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Handmade miniature instrument - German guitar
Wooden decorative and protective tube for handmade miniature instrumentCertificate of authenticity for handmade miniature instrument

Handmade miniature instrument – German guitar

A miniature model of a guitar, hand-made from hardwood, called the German Guitar. Its top is painted in the pattern on the German Empire (1871 – 1918, the Second Reich), with an inscription reading “DER GROSSE KRIEG” – the Great War. The guitar is dedicated to my grandpa (Stanisław Burchardt, 1899-1984), who fought in the First World War. Her served in the German Empire army (Kaiserliche Armee), on the western theater, where he suffered serious wounds, including losing en eye.


width 1,88 ″ (48 mm), height 5,31 ″ (135 mm)

Dimensions incl. packaging

width 3,14 ″ (80 mm), height 9,84 ″ (250 mm)



Type of wood

alder, beech, birch, Maple, oak

Set contains

miniature of musical instrument, decorative glass packaging, wooden decorative and protective tube, paper certificate of authenticity

Processing time

from 1 to 2 weeks