Manufactur Burchardt: buy online handmade wooden miniatures of musical instruments

Handmade miniature instrument – Hardanger fiddle – Norwegian folk stringed bowed instrument

Hardanger fiddle. A miniature model of an 8-string bowed Norwegian instrument, a close spin-off of the violin. Only 4-strings are used for playing – the other four resonate only. The instrument was first made in the town of Hardanger.

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height 5,31 ″ (135 mm), width 1,77 ″ (45 mm)

Dimensions incl. packaging

height 9,84 ″ (250 mm), width 3,14 ″ (80 mm)



Type of wood

alder, beech, birch, Maple, oak

Set contains

decorative glass packaging, miniature of musical instrument, paper certificate of authenticity, wooden decorative and protective tube

Processing time

from 1 to 2 weeks