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Handmade miniature instrument – Mazanki of Wielkopolska – the sorb – Polish stringed bowed instrument

A 3-stringed bowed Polish folk instrument, handmade from hardwood and coniferous wood. Looks very similar to the violin to the untrained eye. Commonly used by folk performers in Wielkopolska until mid-19th C., but replaced by the mass produced violin. Until 17th C. called a Sorb – a name taken from Lusatian Sorbs who, driven out from Meissen by the Germans, would settle in Western Poland, mainly in the Wielkopolska region. The Sorbs greatly influenced the development of Mazanki.

This miniature model is dedicated to the city of Poznań, the citizens of Wielkopolska and all Sorbs for their efforts in maintaining their national and cultural identity.

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height 5,11 ″ (130 mm), width 1,77 ″ (45 mm)

Dimensions incl. packaging

height 9,84 ″ (250 mm), width 3,14 ″ (80 mm)



Type of wood

alder, beech, birch, Maple, oak

Set contains

decorative glass packaging, miniature of musical instrument, paper certificate of authenticity, wooden decorative and protective tube

Processing time

from 1 to 2 weeks